5: Heart Living, Sarah Bingaman, Revive Counseling

May 9, 2017

Sarah Bingaman is a licened counselor in the state of Texas in which she heads a private practice called Revive Counseling. Sarah's life story is a powerful perspective on what it looks like to fully live from the heart and is also what led to her passion of helping others live fully from their heart as well. She offers counseling services to meet the needs of individuals and couples. A variety of the needs addressed are marital discord, issues related to God and Christianity, recovery from pain, understanding and healing from family background, trauma, dependence issues, depression, anxiety and many other issues related to problematic styles of relating to self, God and others. The primary structure of treatment is through intensives, but Sarah also offers a 9-month group study called Heart Living. This group format offers the opportunity to work along side other participants as well as personalized teaching, covering an important monthly topic pertinent to living fully in a healthy heart. You can learn more about Sarah and Revive Counseling at revivecounselingaustin.com


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