0: Prayer, Worship, and Beholding the Beauty and Testimony of Jesus, Phil Rice, Zack Roberts, Stephen Ibach

March 1, 2017

Ember is a prayer and creative company located in Norman, OK. The heartbeat of Ember is providing an ongoing open prayer room during the week for the city of Norman and for the surrounding area, to pray, worship, and intercede corporately as the body of Christ for the city, region, and the nations. From this place of prayer, worship, intercession, and communion with God flows everything else. In Episode 0, Phil Rice, the Executive Director of Ember, Zack Roberts, the Prayer Room Director of Ember, and Stephen Ibach, the Media Director of Ember and host of this Ember Perspective Podcast, have an open discussion about the heartbeat of the organization, the purpose of the Ember Perspective Podcast, and how all of it ultimately cycles around beholding the beauty and testimony of Jesus Christ.


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