12: From Buddhism, to New Age, to Discovering Jesus, Allison Phisaiwath

November 1, 2017

Allison Phisaiwath has a powerful story and personal spiritual journey. From Buddhism, to New Age, to finally discovering the person of Jesus as the way to what she was always seeking, it is clear that Jesus relentlessly pursued and won Allison's heart. Allison's perspective from her journey is one you will not want to miss.


11: MINISODE, Ember’s Progress, Phil Rice

October 4, 2017

Phil Rice is an Entrepreneur, Creative, Worship Artist, and Prayer Leader as the Executive Director of Ember, a prayer and creative company located in Norman, OK. We dive into Phil's history to get his perspective on how he has encountered, experienced, and related to God at different points in his life and how these significant events are still impacting him.


10: Early Do I Seek You, Matt Kosler

September 20, 2017

Matt Kosler is a friend of us here at Ember and the store manager of a little hipster breakfast restaurant called Syrup in Norman, Oklahoma. His perspective is filled with an ever growing trust in the Lord because of the ways in which God has always been present in his life. Matt's passion is to seek the Lord and to grow in his knowledge of the love God has for him and others. Matt also keeps an inspiring blog of revelations he has along the way... earlydoiseekyou.com


9: MINISODE, Prayer at Ember, Zack Roberts

September 6, 2017

In this MINISODE, we chat with Zack Roberts, the Prayer Director of Ember on the subject of... you guessed it... praye and the specifics of what it looks like at Ember. Prayer is meant to be an enjoyable experience. After all, we are communing with the Living God. Ember seeks to cultivate the place of prayer and provide a space to grow in that communion with God and with others. Jesus said to be watchful, to watch and pray. At Ember, we bring that watching to the Word of God to see what God has to say, allowing the Word to be our basis for a worldview, rather than allowing the world to drive the narrative by which we live.


8: Charlottesville, Virginia: an Appeal, Jon Quesenberry, Director of Charlottesville House of Prayer

August 23, 2017

On Saturday August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, deep wounds within the hearts of all Americans were uncovered. Across the airwaves, with broadcasts on repeat, the wounds are currently being festered. The atmosphere is thick and heavy. You don't have to be observant to sense it; to feel it. However, there remains a story buried deep in the commotion; a voice to be found in rest and stillness, but in the midst of the storm, if you are only seeing the physical state of the Union (or dis-union) and tuning-in to the world's airwaves, you will miss it completely. We had the privilege of speaking with Jon Quesenberry, Director of the Charlottesville House of Prayer, who led a group into the midst of the storm on that Saturday morning, not to take any side or argue any point, but to appeal by another road. The results from their faith in action? You will just need to hear yourself...


7: Character, Honor, and Love, Chris Bennett, Lead Pastor of Antioch Norman

June 15, 2017

Chris Bennett is the Lead Pastor of Antioch Norman. Chris's perspective on life and God is powerful as he went through the process of growing up with God and growing in the knowledge of God. Over the years God taught him the importance of developing the character to carry his particular giftings, as well as learning to honor and love people well. You can learn more about Chris Bennett and Antioch Norman at antiochnorman.com


6: Sweetness of God, Jay & Jamie Wendorff

May 24, 2017

Jay & Jamie Wendorff are a wonderful couple who live in Norman, OK. Jay is on the Board of Ember, but spends most of his time as a husband, father, and physical therapist. Jamie is a called and dedicated wife, mother, and Jesus lover. Their histories are a powerful story of two slightly different sides of the same coin and their perspective on how the Lord has been faithful and true to walk with them closely through the process and adventure, is enough to get anyone excited to seek after God in joyful sweetness.


5: Heart Living, Sarah Bingaman, Revive Counseling

May 9, 2017

Sarah Bingaman is a licened counselor in the state of Texas in which she heads a private practice called Revive Counseling. Sarah's life story is a powerful perspective on what it looks like to fully live from the heart and is also what led to her passion of helping others live fully from their heart as well. She offers counseling services to meet the needs of individuals and couples. A variety of the needs addressed are marital discord, issues related to God and Christianity, recovery from pain, understanding and healing from family background, trauma, dependence issues, depression, anxiety and many other issues related to problematic styles of relating to self, God and others. The primary structure of treatment is through intensives, but Sarah also offers a 9-month group study called Heart Living. This group format offers the opportunity to work along side other participants as well as personalized teaching, covering an important monthly topic pertinent to living fully in a healthy heart. You can learn more about Sarah and Revive Counseling at revivecounselingaustin.com


4: God Spoke, Dr. R. Mitch Randall, Pastor of NorthHaven Church

April 25, 2017

Dr. R. Mitch Randall is the Pastor of NorthHaven Church located in Norman, OK. In this episode, we discuss the heart of NorthHaven as a local church congregation, how Mitch’s personal testimony of hearing God speak has led him to this point in his walk with Christ, and we get his perspective on what it looks like to be an ecumenical body of Christ. Mitch holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Northeastern State University, a Master’s of Divinity with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary. He has served on many committees and boards for many Baptist and civic organizations. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs in Washington D.C. He is committed to upholding Baptist traditions while building ecumenical relationships with other Christians and other people of faith. To learn more about NorthHaven Church and Dr. Randall you can visit northhavenchurch.net


3: Contagious Disciple Making, Paul Watson

April 11, 2017

Paul Watson is Co-Author of a book and Co-Founder of a movement called Contagious Disciple Making. We discuss the heart of Contagious Disciple Making and uncover Paul's perspective on our role as believers to disciple and Jesus' role to build His church. Paul would say he was birthed into this movement with his family growing up, but there was a dramatic moment with God that made it real and personal, “Paul, if I choose to take your father home with me today, will you still love me?” You can learn more about Paul Watson and the organization at contagiousdisciplemaking.com